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Sunfish delivers complex change consultancy services, either leading projects or supplementing in-house teams. We can provide expert support and guidance to strategically transform your business. 


View our services below, helping businesses like yours to digitise and utilise your technology.

Depending on the goal and outcome you are looking for, we have a service to help your business transform. Click on each of our services to learn more about how Sunfish can provide your business with a tailored solution. 

Get the support you deserve, with Sunfish.

Our Story

Founded in 2016, 25+ years experience in the IT & Procurement fields across various companies and industry sectors.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to exploit technology to drive business value, delivering a world class client experience at market-leading costs.

Our Expertise

Strength-in-depth across all IT disciplines and business sectors, leading complex project and service delivery.

Would you like to work with Sunfish?


We specialise in transforming the way businesses use technology and make investment decisions.

Project Management

Business Analysis

Change Management

M&A Support

Opportunity Assessments

Technology Procurement

Supplier Management

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