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Our expert team can provide M&A services which support due diligence at all stages of a merger, acquisition or divestment transaction.

It is critical to mitigate risks and ensure the acquisition (or indeed divestment) of a business provides increased profit and value to your business.

We deliver an expert assessment of:

Third party goods and services procurement

The technology landscape

Sunfish’s knowledge in these fields provides a high-level due diligence service when dealing with M&A. Our experts analyse the data and fact-check, applying industry standards and benchmarks in order to both seek opportunities to increase the value of a business post-acquisition while concurrently identifying any risks that may lead to operational or commercial impacts.

Our approach includes using our market and technology insights, tools and subject matter expertise to deliver long term transformation opportunities, all of which can be factored into the M&A process.

M and A Support

Our team collectively have decades' worth of experience in delivering complex change projects.

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